The Vacation of Republican Seats Controversy or labeled "Republipurge" by Republicans was a event in POWER I where 60 Republican seats were vacated in Feburary, 2017 after a second cycle gain by the GOP.

This controversy triggered the takeover of the Democratic Party by Dick Henry and many Republicans quitting the game.

Republican Reaction Edit

As soon as the seats had been made vacant, many GOP figures such as Pizo Cunningham and Heydrich contacted Rumsod, recieving no response and due to the fact they were banned from the main POWER discord where most bi-partisan discussion took place, they had to wait until Rumsod resolved the problem. Hours afterwards, numerous sources from people within the Democratic Party said that leading figures of the DNC abused an exploit to clear the Republicans from their seats though this was seen as uncredible.

Billy's Willy Bill

Bill by Billy's Willy, the only GOP incumbent not purged.

In response to this, the Republican Party decided they weren't going to act on it, perceiving the sources as false or not credible. Nearly two days later, the GOP won in both the gubernational and the senate one elections, expanding their seat count from 56 to 62. These seats were then 'purged' and vacated with the only remaining seats on the map being owned by the Democratic Party.

Dick Henry and many other GOP figures decided to therefore soft coup the Democratic Party in response to what they believed was abuse of a SQL exploit by the Democratic Party. This resulted in the infamous takeover of the Democratic Party by Dick Henry.

Democratic Reaction Edit

The democrats, in reaction to their seats being the only ones not vacated, began to propose bills and change the laws that the Republicans had began to set. The Democrats when questioned were silent on the topic though if this was due to them wanting to not speak on the topic or the lack of communication the Democrats and Republicans had at the time remains to be seen.