Thirty Fourth Presidential Election
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United States Presidential Election, November 9th, 2018
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Turnout 100%
  35EF9249-4601-4CD4-8A05-299D96EBD8EA Enzo Taylor Aged Power 6 Crop 2 RpJ8UcT
Nominee Benjamin K. Poldhart Enzo Taylor MacKenzie King
Party Democratic Party Grand Old Party National Unity Party
Electoral vote 279 252 7
States carried 23 25 2

  Ted Cruz
Nominee Ian Smith
Party Conservative Party

Electoral vote 0
States carried 0

34th Presidential Election

Blue denotes states won by Poldhart. Red denotes states won by Taylor. Purple denotes states won by King.

President before election

Patrick Higgins
Democratic Party

Elected President

Benjamin K. Poldhart
Democratic Party

The Thirty Fourth Presidential Election in Power history took place on November the 8th 2018. Incumbent Democratic President Patrick Higgins was eligible to stand for a second term but decided to not in favour of Vice President Benjamin K. Poldhart. The Grand Old Party put forward a joint ticket with the National Unity Party with Enzo Taylor as the nominee; the NUP did however put forward their own separate candidate MacKenzie King who would be more competitive in blue states.

The race is considered the tightest since the Tenth Presidential Election where President Franklin Delano Roosevelt only just won by winning Michigan from Pizo Cunningham. Although in this election Colorado and Arkansas ultimately decided the Presidency for Vice President Poldhart.

Democratic Vice President Benjamin K. Poldhart eventually prevailed over the Grand Old Party who had fielded National Unity politician Enzo Taylor as their candidate in a joint-ticket, along with MacKenzie King who ran as the NUP's candidate to be more competitive in blue states. Incumbent President Patrick Higgins became the new Vice President.

279 252
Poldhart Taylor

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