Rumsod, known as Lyndon B. Johnson in-game, is the admin and developer of Power. He is not very good at what he does and prone to take long, unexplained leaves of absence.

At the beginning of Power 1.0, Rumsod was the first chair of the Democratic Party and ran as a Senator in Texas against Ted Cruz. He was succeeded as chair by Foreman Domai.

Rumsod how do code

There also are rumours and few instances of certain texts or actions done or said by Rumsod in Discord that leads to possible theory that Rumsod may support hardcore-left ideologies such as Marxism-Leninism or other forms of far-left Socialism/Communism..

One instance is that once in Discord when mike.leaf tried to, but unsuccessfully redpill Rumsod. Accidentally rumsod replied: 'Marxism-Leninism is my Redpill'.

Rumsod poem

Continuing Rumsod's long time inactivity periods, it is known that he likes to travel to random countries (especially in Asia) and drink coke bought by Ad-Viewers money...

During Power 1.0 some ((( 'bugs' ))) happened that mostly affected only politicans of the Republican Party, such as during the new year when most of GOPniks and Demonrats were drunk or otherwise unable to effectively operate, GOP lost it's senator seats.

Although the official explanation by Rumsod was that GOP's party ID number was the fault, many people did not believe it and still think that Rumsod has tried to rig the game few times. On other note Acts of Rumcode do happen quite often, whether these are great collapses of Rumsod's or 'bugs' or badly programmed features.

There are tons of stories and memes regarding Rumsod.