gaiboie, Current Chairman of the Libertarian Party.

BFF of Mr Not Mexican

He Joined on the 11th of November 2017 in POWER 3 and has been playing ever since.


Member of the Anti-Weeb Caucus and member of the Weeb Dignitas Board. Instituted Anti-Weeb Policy in the weeb infested Libertarian Party including:

-Giving weebs a separate channel

-Naming and shaming weebs with a weeb role on the LP discord

-Controversially banning the beautiful art of lolicon on the Libertarian Party’s Discord server, under the pretense of it being ‘child pornography’, despite it only being fake 2d drawings of qt anime girls.

Time in Power

He has reached numerous positions during his time on POWER:


Was relatively unsuccessful and joined late into this iteration of POWER

-Senator (Class 2) in AZ for one term


Most successful iteration yet for Rand

-Senator (Class 1 and 2) in NM for four terms

-Governor of NM for 3 terms


Not as successful as POWER 4 but enjoyed mild success:

- The representative of NM (2 and 3 seats) for 2 terms -Representative of NC (7 and 6 Seats) for 2 terms.

- .Before the Great Wall Street Crash(es) he was in the top 10 richest people in the world ranging from 3rd to 7th after finding the dividend rich 7 and I holdings company.

- Elected as Senator (Class 2) of NC on 5th April.

LNC Ambitions

Has tried to get elected to the LNC on 3 Occasions, has been on LNC for 2 terms:

December 2017 - Tried to become NCD of the LP but was beaten by a superior Quaris and promised to help as a Campaign Coordinator which helped him gain experience.

January 2018 - Tried to become VC of the LP and got beaten by Cid, he was very close to winning but got beat after Kiwlo and CookiesNow (who had been helping him but sensed weakness in him after Kiwlo asked him to change his vote, and Rand decided to abstain to try to get the best result for everyone) changed their votes.

February 2018 - Successfully became CRO after the resignation of Cookies and fulfilled his ambitions of having an Orange Name in the LP Discord.

March 2018 - Became Chair of the Libertarian Party after John Locke stepped down.

April 2018 - Re-elected as chair with 80% of the vote against Ivan(0%) and Quindaris Monday(20%). Did the first state of the Party address.