The Paradox Coup was an event in POWER I where members of the forum Paradox Plaza infiltrated the Democratic and Republican parties and planned to rise to positions of power before creating the centrist Paradox Party. [1]

The coup itself had no specific leader though Bo Hamm, a senator from Missouri directed the start of the Paradox Caucus, which was a bi-partisan effort to try to further interests of Paradox Plaza members.[2]

Before the coup was able to take place, Democratic leader Foreman Domai and numerous other individuals within the Democratic Party found out that numerous high ranking members such as Senator Hyme Paradox, Treasurer Benjamin Franklin and Governor Randall Gabor were planning to split to form their own party. The Paradox Plaza members within the Democratic Party were then exiled and joined the Republican party.

Then head whip, John Heydrich was sent the thread where Paradox Caucus members were congregating. This information was sent to him by a Democratic Party official. This resulted in Republican leadership finding out presidental nominee Charlie Chan and senate Majority Leader Bo Hamm were members in a plot to defect and create a new party along with numerous other politicians in the Republican party.

The event itself led to a complete exile of many members from the GOP and the Democrats and a blacklisting of many influential POWER players, a change in the current Republican primaries from presumptive nominee Charlie Chan to Joesph Smith and the restructing of Republican and Democratic leadership as whips, treasurers and regional leaders had been blacklisted/exiled.

Background Edit

Rumsod, the developer of the game, posted a thread on the Paradox Plaza's subforum Off Topic. He also did this on the forums of SomethingAwful and other forums for his game bloc as this was standard practice for boosting player count in his games. Many members of the Paradox Plaza forums joined both the GOP and the Democrats.

Bo Hamm, a Missouri politician brought up the idea of a Paradox Party, [1] a centrist party which followed Hamm's centre left social positions and centre right economic positions, Paradox Plaza member Hyme (ingame politician Hyme Paradox) supported this idea saying to Charlie Chan "For Now" when Charlie Chan noted they were in opposing parties, he further said that he was going to exploit main party resources alongside Bo Hamm until they can form the Paradox Party. [3] Charlie Chan later said that he supported people becoming governors so can have more influence to help the Paradox Party later on, confirming his support for the plot.

There were several times where Paradox Plaza members supported toppling Ted Cruz, the Republican chairman at the time and replacing them with a moderate, the idea was originally put forward by Senator Mudkip of Arkansas. [4]

Plot Edit

The main point of the plot was to infiltrate and exploit main party resources in preparation for a major split into the Paradox Party, a centrist party. They would do this by rising to leadership positions within the party and then breaking off after gathering enough resources to support a breakup. Bo Hamm, a senator from Missouri automatically was seen as the leader on the Republican side, after intially proposing the party, he took over organizing activities of its members.

Bo Hamm soon enough created a Paradox Caucus which was meant to identify all members of the Paradox Plaza forum, this caucus included Charlie Chan (R-MI), Hyme Paradox (D-WI), Fredrick Hacker (D-NY), Congo Jack (R-LA) and Lex Lu (R-IN) among others. Caucus members were not allowed to use attack ads against other members of the Paradox Caucus and they were not allowed to directly assist their parties in crippling Paradox Caucus members. Paradox Caucus members were also required to transmit money among each other regardless of party.

Bo Hamm eventually became Majority Leader of the senate after an election between GOP members and Charlie Chan became the GOP presidental nominee after Paradox Caucus members moblized in an internal election for who the GOP will support. Numerous Paradox Caucus members in the Democratic Party were able to reach the rank of regional leader and treasurer.

Discovery Edit

On January 3rd 2017, Foreman Domai and many other high ranking officials in the Democratic Party were linked to the Paradox Plaza thread where the Bo Hamm had been coordinating the Paradox Caucus' activities. This led to a complete blacklisting of many members of the Democratic Party including Hyme Paradox who was one of the most influential politicians in the game. The Republican party, currently undergoing struggles was met with defecting members of the Democratic Party.

Foreman Domai warned the GOP in the Power Public Discord (now inactive) that many of the members were planning to split off and create their own party. Later on that day, the leadership of the GOP recieved a link to the thread where they were able to investigate it themselves. This led to the blacklisting of Bo Hamm, senate majority leader and Charlie Chan, Republican nominee.

Aftermath Edit

The blacklisting and exile of many members of the Democratic and Republican party created many issues, most notably the lack of people in senior positions and the loss of partisans in many seats. This was considered to be more harmful to the Republicans as Bo Hamm was a senate majority leader and Charlie Chan was their presidental nominee with over a thousand delegates, meaning there would need to be a last minute shuffle to find a nominee and then several individuals with 100 power and high national influence willing to enter the race and give delegates to this nominee.

Paradox Caucus members also attempted to actively harm the GOP and Democratic Party afterwards, recieving funds from undisclosed politicians within the party and then using them to attack ad senior politicians. This lasted several weeks before members of the Paradox Caucus decided to quit the game.

The Democratic Party, a week after the blacklisting of Paradox Caucus members, welcomed them back into the party if they pay back what they left with. This led many former high profile members of the Republican party to join the Democratic Party.

References Edit

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