The New Deal Alliance is a coalition of parties and is the main left wing "party" Power II, the successor to the Democratic Party in Power 1.0.

The NDA's support mainly lies in the states of California, Illnois and New York with its current leader, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, being a senator from New York. They usually have good support in these states due to their left wing policies, most of the time verging on the side of AMSOC (American Socialism).


The party was formed from an amalgamation of various groups, including the Black Panther Party, the All Syndicalist Convention, the Progressive Party and the Wednesday Group. In the early days of the NDA, there were different politicians who wanted to he in power. They didn't have much success, the Republican Party was way stronger, but after sometime they became the biggest party of POWER. This period ended after ~a week.

Election win

In April 2017 Chaka Khan, the New Deal Alliance participated in the presidential election. Her opponent was Heydrich, of the Republican Party. Khan won through dirty jewish tricks by switching to the GOP at the last minute and using the GOPs national support much like niggers use welfare in real life. Chaka has since been a deeply unsuccessful president with very little support showing in her reelection bid.

Bad Results

May 2017 was a disasterous month for the NDA. They lost a lot of seats in the senate and lost seats in normally strong states for the NDA, including New York,Pensylvania and regions around the lakes. At some point the Republican Party had 24 % more national influence, than the NDA Their re-election for Chaka Khan didn't start well. According to the early polls, she should have got around the 100 Elector votes, while the Republican Party was somewhere in the 400. As the days passed, the NDA got ever further behind, they had less than 100 electoral votes.

NDA Diagram

Influential politicians

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Chair member for the NDA)

Chaka Khan (First president of the NDA)

Sandy Weathers (Secretary and campaign manager)