The Molotov-Rippentrop pact, is a deal between the Republican Party and the New Deal Alliance. It was signed in May 2017 and It was signed by the two party chairs: Pizo (GOP) and Roosevelt (NDA). The goal of the pact was, to destroy the Libertarian Party and the pact would end, if the Libertarian is completely destroyed. The Libertarians broke a pact with the NDA, just before the Molotov-Rippentrop pact was signed. This made the NDA angry and that's when the NDA wanted to destroy the Libertarian party.

Effect Edit

The Libertarian Party lost a lot of seats and National influence (from 23% to 14%). The pact has been highly succesful for the Republican Party.

Content Edit

Rules were made for NDA and GOP members only.

1.Don't run against GOP/NDA .

2.Don't AA GOP/NDA.

3.If you're in a three way race, AA the Libertarian and win by state influence.

4.Try to avoid conservative/liberal states.

5.The deal will end when the Libertarian party completely dies.