Kirill Alekseev (Russian: Кирилл Алексеев) is a Labour Party frontbench MP and NEC member. He has been a Labour MP for the duration of POWER V and played an important role throughout the existence of the party. Originally joining a day after the reset (26th January) in South East England, he was an unimportant fringe radical socialist following a programme of "revolution through the ballot box". However the events following the Chapo Trap House Invasion and Chairman Patrick Higgins' betrayal he came to play an important role in the Opposition to Higgins. It was due to his actions that a new Labour Discord was set up, and he took a leading role in Higgins' final removal. He was a supporter of the institution of the NEC, and was a member of the NEC from the outset, having been elected on the 1st February.

He has graduated from University College London with a bachelor's degree in History, Politics and Economics (Eastern Europe) [not in real-life] and was originally born in Russia, having moved to the UK with his family at the age of 5 [this bit is true].