Jerry van Derring is a Republican politician and second senator for Montana.

Jerry is a high ranking member of the GOP, currently Deputy Treasurer and a member of the unofficial Weeb Caucus. (The GOP doesn't have a caucus system) Derring started playing in POWER I as Grichka Bognadoff (misspelt due to Bogdanoff being taken) but quickly quit due to numerous events within the games, notably the removal of Republicans from their seats.

Derring has consistently been a Republican throughout POWER I and POWER II, elected senator for Indiana, he served several turns before moving to Montana to contest the second senate seat against Jim Rohan. Shortly afterwards, Derring was elected Deputy Whip on the 25th of May 2017.


Derring's venture into POWER I was short, called Grichka Bognadoff due to Bogdanoff already being taken, Derring never became a senator, leaving amid the controversy surrounding the removal of Republicans from their 60 senate seats.


Derring joined POWER II in Febuary 2017 through a thread on the 4chan imageboard Politically Incorrect. He joined the GOP under the name Jerry van Derring and soon was elected senator in Indiana, serving four terms before missing his period to enter his election and therefore, losing his seat. Derring then left Indiana to contest Jim Rohan's senate seat in Montana winning overwhelmly

He was elected as the Deputy Whip of the Republican Party 25th of May, along with Alex Jones.

After Pizogate, he created the UKAP, where he stayed until the reset.


During POWER III, he joined Ohio along with Brat and Oreki Houtarou, and was their senior senator until Heydrich won the first election and Brat joined the Cabinet, where he then became the Governor of the state.

He quit playing POWER but returned shortly after, on Delaware, where he currently is.