The Farmer-Labor Congress of Citizens' Leagues, sometimes shortened to the Farmer-Labor Congress, was a small political party founded and led by Charlot Jefferson. It was socially conservative and economically leftist, and as the name suggests, tried to appeal to both urban laborers and rural farmers with a platform of economic and ethnic nationalism.[1] Its leader, West Virginia Senator Charlot Jefferson, has long been a factor in WV state politics.

The party, as with all others except the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party, ceased to exist after the July 2017 reset and transition from POWER 2.0 to 3.0. Charlot is once again running for governor in West Virginia, this time as an independent, so the party may be reestablished in the near future.

Notable Politicians Edit

  • Charlot Jefferson: West Virginia Senator and party founder
  • Foster Campbell: Arkansas Governor

References Edit

  1. Party expressed support for white-only voting (S. 4647), resentment of wealthy planters (S. 8124), and introduced S. 4408 to allow state-by-state union policies.