Doug Olson is a current MA Senator, his 12th term as a Senator. He started Power in Michigan apart of the Liberal Democrats, but quickly switched over to the New Deal Alliance (NDA) for more party support and for them being a more left wing party. He started the Michigan Party State Organization in his time in Michigan. With the advice of NDA leadership at the time, he moved to Massachusetts, and quickly became a Junior Senator there. He served 11 terms consecutively as Junior Senator, become Senate Minority Leader and Chief Whip for the NDA (in the absence of Ivan Johnsmith). He then lost his reelection to Don Cherry. He ran for Senior Senate in Massachusetts and easily won, reassuming his position as Minority Leader, where he remains today


He first joined the game in Michigan in Mid April, near the start of Power II.

Michigan Edit

While in Michigan, he joined the Liberal Democrats, not knowing much about the game and wanting to join a third party. He soon learned it was a bad idea, then joining the NDA the next day, founding a Party State Organization (PSO) there, and trying to run against Charles Coughlin, ultimately losing in a landslide, with the same result while trying to run against CookiesNow, and was ultimately advised to move by NDA Leadership, moving to Massachusetts