The Constitution Party is a right-wing political party in the United States. It formerly existed in POWER II as a player-made party and was a default starting party in POWER V. Its current chairman is William Luther Pierce.


In POWER II, the Constitution Party was founded by Anthony Jefferson, a former Libertarian Party member. The party was initially founded as a breakaway faction from the Libertarian and Republican parties. Following a string of defeats for the Libertarian Party, former Michigan governor Cookiesnow inspired the defection of Libertarians to the Constitution Party in an attempt to rejuvenate the party.

Constitution Party logo in POWER II.

The Constitution Party has seen some electoral success, growing around 0.5% a day in National Support which is unheard of for third parties that are legitimate. However, by the mid-June 2017 general elections, it had lost all but one of its seats in the Senate and membership declined sharply from its peak of 29 to 4. Its support remained concentrated in the states of Kansas, which was represented by member Jim Rohan in the Senate, and Alaska, the home of current leader and former Senator Gusdavis. As of June 20, the party had only 3 members and held a single Senate seat, occupied by Senator Wokieleaks of Mississippi. By June 20, the party only had one member, Jim McGurry.

The party, as with all others except the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party, ceased to exist after the July 2017 reset and transition from POWER 2.0 to 3.0. The party's membership has since dis persed. Most joined the GOP shortly before or after the reset; Jim Rohan joined the reformed Democratic Party.


The Constitution Party was a default party at the start of POWER V. Originally led by Gary Johnson, Johnson later quit, joining POWER UK as a Liberal Democrat. The current chairman of the party is Robert Lee. After William Luther Pierce left the party most of the members left to join the Progressive party or the National Socialist American Party.


The Constitution Party was a default party at the start of POWER VIII.